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My name is Karen Johnson. I’m a Virtual Assistant in South Africa with 12 years experience as an Executive PA primarily in financial services, and an additional 13 years experience in recruitment, hospitalities, sales, and WordPress. I picked up a lot of skills along the way that can benefit you.

I came to realise I love being in a support role. By being a Virtual PA, I give you the quality hours – you don’t get to pay for my coffee breaks!

My key skill is creating solutions that save you time. I’m dedicated to service excellence. You can be assured I will maintain high levels of professionalism and confidentiality at all times.

“In my need to get more efficient while ensuring important things aren’t dropped, I’ve been working on my Trello board with my wrangler Karen, who is an insanely organized professional, which is why I hired her.

I’ve had a to-do list for work as long as I can remember. It’s essential for any professional to keep track of tasks.

The past couple of weeks as Karen has essentially been coaching me on optimizing my personal board she mentioned a great tip/hack I’ve added to my workflow:

When you put an item on your to-do list, put a semicolon after it and list your next step.”

Cory Miller

I’m looking forward to helping you with the admin tasks
that keep your business running smoothly.
So you can focus on what you love,
what you do best, and what makes you money!

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I'm a proud member of the Virtual Assistant Association of South Africa (VAASA)