Frequently Asked Questions and Virtual Assistant Description

Here are answers to the questions I get asked most often, as well as a Virtual Assistant description.

A Virtual Assistant is a trained and experienced professional Personal Assistant who works for you remotely. You benefit by only paying for the quality hours you need to get the tasks done. Read more to find out the benefits of hiring a professional Virtual Assistant.

I provide all the services myself.

I’m based in Cape Town, South Africa, and operate globally. So, you can be based anywhere in the world.

Many options are available. Our first meeting to discuss specifics needs to be indepth, so a Zoom call is recommended. Thereafter, email is best as it keeps a good paper trail, but let me know your preferred method of communication and I will accommodate you.

After choosing a package, we will discuss the specifics of the Virtual Assistant services you require. We will then agree on the start date, communication preferences and timelines. Once begun, I will send you timely feedback. The web design process is more comprehensive, click here to find out more…

All my services are remote, except for long-term retainer contracts, where I will be interacting with other staff members occasionally.

Following the initial consultation, qualified clients may request a copy of my detailed curriculum vitae. In the interim, you are welcome to visit my LinkedIn profile.

The packages are valid for one month. Any unused hours expire thereafter. Packages are varied for 4 or 5 week months.

Each month’s hourly rates are dependant on the package you purchased in the current month. The next month starts afresh and the hourly rates do not carry on into the new month. For the hourly rate bands, see the hourly rate packages here…

If you are not happy with the service within the first 2 weeks of the agreed upon start date, you are free to stop the service. In this case, the lesser amount between the value of unused hours, or 50% of your payment will be refunded to you.

There are no account facilities. Payment is required upfront.

You can make payment via PayFast in South African Rands (ZAR) if you are in South Africa, or via PayPal in United States Dollars (USD) if you are anywhere else in the world. Electronic Funds Transfer is also possible.

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